Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO – Overview

Counter Strike: Global Offensive also known as CS:GO for short. CS:GO was first released in 2012 and is the fourth game in the Counter Strike series games which were released in 1999. CS:GO is a first person shooter game made by ‘Valve’ which was first released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, MacOS, Windows PC and then later Linux. 

In CS:GO there are several multiplayer game modes to choose from, these include ‘Casual’, ‘Competitive’ and ‘War Games’ with a battle royal mode called ‘Danger Zone’ which was added in late 2018. The most popular game is the ‘Bomb Scenario’ game mode in which the ‘Terrorists’ try to plant C4 at one of the 2 bomb site objectives whilst the ‘Counter-Terrorists’ try to defend the 2 bomb sites.

Valve made CS:GO free for all players back in 2019 so anyone can play it. Valve did this to gain more profit for when they release the new upcoming Counter Strike game.  There is a huge market for the skins used by characters used in CS:GO. Some skins can be sold for thousands of pounds depending on the rarity of the skin.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has nine officially recognised game modes but in the esports scene only the most common competitive game mode is the bomb scenario game. Another game example is Arms Race – Each team starts with 6 terrorists and 6 counter terrorists. Players initially spawn with a SMG and for every 2 kills they get their weapon changes. The order of guns is always the same: 3 SMGs, 4 Assault Rifles, 2 Shotguns, 2 Snipers, 1 Machine Gun followed by 4 Pistols. Once a player has got 2 kills with each gun the player receives the gold knife, the first player to kill an enemy with the gold knife wins the game for their team.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive has become very popular in the Esports gaming world in recent times. There are different competitions and tournaments played in professional leagues hosted by 3rd party groups and tournaments known as ‘Major Championships’ or ‘Majors’ which are sponsored by the makers of the game – Valve. The first valve sponsored ‘Major’ was in Sweden back in 2013 with a total prize pool of $250k split between the 16 teams that played in the tournament. 

There are several different tournaments in the CS:GO game and take place in various countries around the world. The tournaments with large prize pools and the best professional teams across the globe battle it out in offline S-Tier tournaments (the best ones). The second largest tournament behind the Valve sponsored ‘Majors’ in the CS:GO series is the Intel Extreme Masters which first started on the 1st March 2017. The prize pool 

A typical esports CS GO match consists of 30 rounds where each team plays 15 rounds as Terrorists and 15 rounds as Counter Terrorists. The first team to 16 round wins will win the map. If a tie takes place (i.e. 15 rounds each) then 6 extra rounds are played. The first team to reach 4 round wins will win the map. If there is another tie (i.e 33-33 rounds each) then the process is repeated until a winner is found. Typically each round has a maximum duration of 1 minute and 45 seconds. 

CS:GO – Betting Types

We will discuss some of the main betting options below, these are typical bets that BET365 provide.In the game below the match consists of 2 maps. To win the match one team must have more round wins than the other team in total over the 2 maps. Example – Team A wins the first map by a score of 16-7 rounds vs Team B. Team B then win the second map by 3-16. Adding the rounds up gives Team A a total of 19 round wins and Team B has a total of 23 round wins. Therefore Team B wins the match. 

Match Lines – This bet is simply to pick the match winner. There are 2 teams to bet on and one of them must win. The team with the highest total round wins over 2 maps wins the match.

Total Rounds – This is an over/under bet. The bookmaker provides a number of rounds for example 63.5 rounds and gives the odds of whether there will be more than 63.5 rounds (i.e. 64 rounds or more) or less than 63.5 rounds (i.e. 63 rounds or less). 

Rounds Handicap – Both teams are given a round handicap. Example – Team A have a round handicap of -7.5. This handicap is subtracted from Team A’s total round wins (i.e. Team A beats Team B by 30-20 rounds). Subtract the 7.5 from Team A’s 30 wins which gives 22.5 round wins. 22.5 rounds is still more than Team B’s 20 round wins so the bet is won.

Map Bets – These are similar to the above bets but instead of being based on the whole match they are based on only a singular map and are based on the first team to 16 round wins. Additional bets include betting on the correct score of the match e.g. Team A winning 16-7 against Team B. 

Overtime Map Bet – This only happens if a certain condition is met which is that both teams get to 15 round wins each (15-15).

CS:GO – Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I play Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is free to play on PC and MacOS and can be downloaded from steam. 


How large is the download for Counter Strike: Global Offensive for PC?

The download size for CS:GO is approximately 24Gb for PC.


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