Starcraft 2 Betting Odds – Starcraft II Wings of Liberty
Starcraft 2 Betting

StarCraft II is the follow-up to the real-time esports betting strategy game StarCraft, which was revealed on May 19, 2007, during the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Seoul, South Korea. It was eventually planned to be distributed in three parts. Blizzard Entertainment developed and released StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, a science fiction real-time strategy computer game. Characters and places from the original game return in this sequel. 

The plot of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty centers around three different species: Terrans (humans), Zergs (a super-species of absorbed life forms), and Protoss (a technologically advanced species with vast psionic powers). Thanks to its vast fanbase, bettors can now enjoy betting on StarCraft II esports tournaments. If you are also an eSports betting fan, read below to learn more about the game.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Bet Types

Match Winner Odds

This is a simple bet on the outcome of a StarCraft 2 game. It’s also referred to as a money line wager. Usually, there is an underdog and a favorite. You can bet on the team you believe to win the match.

Map Winner Odds

Using the map winner odds, you can place a wager on who will win each map. A StarCraft 2 battle consists of numerous maps, and you can predict which player or team will win on each one. Specific maps are more suited to certain teams and players.

Outright Winner Odds

This type of esports betting odds is provided to decide the tournament’s winner. As the competition starts, the teams have almost equal standing. However, with the passing of time, it becomes clear which team will win, so you can bet on them. 

Correct Score Odds

You can bet on the set of scores that you believe to be the true outcome of a StarCraft II match.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Gameplay

Starcraft 2 Bets

StarCraft II allows you to play as one of three races. StarCraft II gameplay is enmeshed through an epic narrative in a cinematic intergalactic conflict. The extensive campaign mode, multiplayer mode, and cooperative Co-op missions are the game modes in StarCraft II. The story mode of StarCraft II can be played in the following difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Harder, Very Hard, and Elite. Moreover, StarCraft II players will share “gamer achievements” that build up to a Blizzard Level like the World of Warcraft system. The gamer achievement system is accessible in single-player if the player is connected to the internet. The Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die, and StarJeweled is just a few of the multiplayer games and custom maps they are available for. Below we have explained all the StarCraft II esports games modes in detail.

Campaign Mode

The campaign mode of StarCraft II features multiple story mode single-player games. The game revolves around the story you choose to play. You can not act outside the preset actions, which makes the whole experience more cinematic than a game. The different campaign modes in StarCraft II are Zerg Campaign: Heart of the Swarm, Protoss Campaign: Legacy of the Void, and Mission Packs: Nova Covert Ops. The campaign mode teaches players some gameplay skills, frequently without their knowledge, because they are absorbed in the tale.

Co-Op Mode

The two-person gameplay option Co-op Missions, formerly known as Allied Commanders, was first introduced in Legacy of the Void. In Co-op Missions, players assume the roles of several commanders from the StarCraft world, each of whom has particular bonuses for their armies in addition to holding a variety of upgrades and abilities. A friend can join you in the battle for a limitless cooperative experience. When playing, you first select a strong commander from your preferred race and engage in combat in various situations with dynamic campaign-style goals. In order to unlock new units, skills, and army modification options, you can level up your commander.

Versus Mode

The competitive mode in StarCraft II is called Versus. The PvP multiplayer element of StarCraft II Versus is intended to be a competitive game. The new automated matchmaking system aims to pair up players with similar skill levels. There will currently be eight players in the game. Custom games are anticipated to have at least 8 participants, and Blizzard is “aiming” for 12 or more. There are 16 places available, of which players can occupy up to 8, while spectators can occupy the other slots. Custom games support up to 12 participants.

Arcade Mode

A StarCraft II major feature is the arcade. It serves as a center for locating unique maps. Blizzard introduced Premium Maps in Patch 4.3, enabling community mapmakers to charge a fee for certain maps. The Marketplace idea has been replaced by the Arcade.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Major Tournaments

Starcraft 2 Games

OSC Championship: The OSC (Online Sports Championships) StarCraft II League is a global online league with more than 500 competitions taking place in 2021. (Season 9).

DreamHack Masters: One of the offline Global Events of the ESL Pro Tour 2022/23 is the DreamHack SC2 Masters 2022. DreamHack and ESL are the organizers of DreamHack 2022.

Gladiators’ Cup: The Gladiators’ Cup is an online tournament based on StarCraft II, which is organized by Alpha X. The Gladiators’ Cup 2022 has a prize pool of $5,000. It is a 1v1 single-elimination bracket tournament where 16 teams participate.

WardiTV Championship: The WardiTV Championship is an online Global tournament organized by WardiTV. This tournament is played on Europe, American, and South Korean servers. The WardiTV Championship is played on the Legacy of the Void Patch 5.0.10. The WardiTV Championship 2022 prize pool is $8,400.

StarCraft II: NationWars: Countries worldwide compete online and offline for a $10,000 prize pool in StarCraft II: NationWars 7 2022, sending two players to represent each nation. StarCraft II NationWars is organized by O’Gaming TV. 

Championship of Russia: The Russian Federation of Esports’ official competition is called the Championship of Russia. The victors will receive the cash award and the official Russian sports categories, which could result in future advantages from the regional government. The prize pool for the Championship of Russia 2022 is $8,287.

Casters Civil War: A StarCraft II competition called Casters Civil War was created as a follow-up to the wildly successful War Chest Team League that took place in 2020. Eight casters pick teams of five players for the Casters Civil War before entering a round-robin group in which every team competes against every other team, leading to a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Game Name Tournament Name
Starcraft 2 #PassionCraft Knockout
Starcraft 2 AfreecaTV Champions Cup
Starcraft 2 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament
Starcraft 2 DreamHack Masters
Starcraft 2 Dreamhack Masters Atlanta
Starcraft 2 EPIC.LAN
Starcraft 2 Global StarCraft II League
Starcraft 2 HomeStory Cup
Starcraft 2 IEM Katowice
Starcraft 2 OSC Championship
Starcraft 2 TeamLiquid StarLeague
Starcraft 2 WardiTV
Starcraft 2 WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest
Starcraft 2 World Team League

Current and Upcoming Starcraft 2 Tournaments


Tournament Name Start Date Finish Date

Previous Starcraft 2 Tournaments

Tournament Name Winner Runner Up End Date
AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament Dragon Phoenix Gaming Dragon Phoenix Gaming January 27, 2022
DreamHack Masters Dragon Phoenix Gaming Onsyde Gaming July 3, 2022
Dreamhack Masters Atlanta Cham (Player) SpeCial (Player) October 2, 2022
EPIC.LAN uThermal (player) Bly (Player) July 3, 2021
HomeStory Cup ENCE Team Liquid July 24, 2022
IEM Katowice Jin Air Green Wings Raise Your Edge Gaming March 1, 2020
League of Legends Pro League Freecs KaiZi Gaming June 7, 2020
OSC Championship MaxPax (Player) ByuN (Player) January 22, 2023
TeamLiquid StarLeague MOUZ Dignitas May 15, 2011
WardiTV RagnaroK (Player) Cure (Player) February 2, 2020
WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest Zest (Player) Rogue (Player) February 17, 2019
World Team League Team NV Dragon Phoenix Gaming July 11, 2021