League of Legends Betting

If you are interested in placing a wager on any League of Legends game please read our guide below which will inform you about the different types of bets you can place on the game. The games are very fast paced and exciting to watch. Placing a bet on a game will allow you to watch the game stream live via your bookmakers website. This will show you how your bet is getting on and whether you are likely to win by how your selected bet is getting on.


League of Legends Bets


League of Legends – Winner Betting

The simplest bet there is, simply choose who you think is going to win the match. There are two teams in each game and you simply need to choose which team you think are going to win, there is no possibility of a draw as one team must win.


League of Legends – Correct Score Betting

This bet is usually in a competition when there is more than one game to determine the winner i.e. the first team to achieve 3 wins, wins the competition. In this bet there are many combinations of outcomes such as 3-1 or 2-3, it depends on how many games must be won in order to determine the winner. The risks are higher in this kind of betting mode but the odds are higher therefore so are the profits when you win.


League of Legends – Handicap Betting

You may need to read this one again as it may seem quite complicated at first but once you understand the concept of handicap esports betting it will all become very simple. In essence you are just picking the match winner but with an added twist as the team you are betting on also has an amount of wins added or subtracted to the score line.

Example: In a game there are two teams: Team A and Team B. If you think Team A will win you make a +1.5 handicap bet on them. This means that if Team A wins the competition 2-1 or 2-0 you win the bet. If they only win a single game you still win because the handicap adds 1.5 to Team A’s score (i.e. 1 + 1.5 = 2.5 which rounds to 3 which is the score required to win the competition. The only time you would not win the bet is when Team B beats Team A by 3-0 (i.e. Team B wins 3 games and Team A doesn’t win a single game).


League of Legends – Kills In A Round Bets

This one is very simple and there are several variations of this bet. You could put a bet on Team A reaching 10 Champion kills before Team B. Another variation is to bet on a team to see if they can achieve over 22.5 Champion kills in a match before the ‘Nexus Obelisk’ is destroyed or the game ends.


League of Legends Odds

The latest League of Legends odds will appear here shortly.


League of Legends Tournaments

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports there is. There are many tournaments all across the globe and there is one of the highest prize pools of money for the winners. Tournaments run all year round in many different countries from Denmark to Mexico. These tournaments vary in size and prize money. The highest paying tournament was the League of Legends world championship which took place in South Korea in 2018 with a total prize pool of $6.4 million dollars. The final was played at the Incheon Munhak Stadium, Incheon which took place on November 3rd 2018. The winning team was Invictus Gaming and won $2,418,750 between the 5 of them. The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is the 2nd biggest international League of Legends tournament. Other League of Legends tournaments are listed below:

Game Name Tournament Name
League Of Legends Arabian League
League Of Legends Asia Star Challengers Invitational
League Of Legends Asian Games
League Of Legends CBLOL
League Of Legends Coupe de France
League Of Legends Demacia Cup
League Of Legends European Masters
League Of Legends Gamergy
League Of Legends Iberian Cup
League Of Legends Ignis Cup
League Of Legends Intel Arabian Cup- Grand finals
League Of Legends LCK Spring
League Of Legends LCK Summer
League Of Legends LCO
League Of Legends LCS Spring
League Of Legends LCS Summer
League Of Legends LDL
League Of Legends League Championship Series
League Of Legends League of Legends Pro League
League Of Legends LEC Spring
League Of Legends LEC Summer
League Of Legends Legends European Championship
League Of Legends LFL
League Of Legends LJL
League Of Legends LLA Opening
League Of Legends LoL Japan League
League Of Legends LVP Superliga
League Of Legends Mid-Season Invitational
League Of Legends NEST
League Of Legends North American Challengers League
League Of Legends Occitanie Esports
League Of Legends PCS
League Of Legends Prime League
League Of Legends RUSH
League Of Legends Sigma cup
League Of Legends Supercopa Flow
League Of Legends TCL
League Of Legends Ultraliga
League Of Legends VCS
League Of Legends World Championship


Playing League Of Legends


League of Legends (simply known as League or by the acronym LOL) is a free PC/Mac multiplayer online game developed by Riot Games. It is a team orientated strategy game and is known as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA) whereby there are two teams which have to play against each other in the ‘Summoner’s Rift’ map in order to win the game.

The objective of the game is to demolish the other team’s Nexus Obelisk which is located at the other side of the map at the base of the enemy’s fountain (team spawn). In order to destroy the enemy’s Nexus Obelisk you must travel up one of three lanes to get to the enemy’s fountain. Each lane is guarded by turrets that try to hurt your Champion, the only way past them is with the help of Minions. These Minions are controlled by the computer and take the damage whilst you damage and destroy the turrets.

At the start of the game there are two teams, each with five players where each player has to select and control an individual character known as a Champion. Each Champion has a set of distinctive powers/abilities that increase in strength over the period of the match. Champions get stronger by levelling up (gaining XP by being in the region where enemy players die) or by buying items from the shop (gold is used in the shop and can be gained by killing enemy players during the game). Level 6 is the highest level a Champion can get and at level 6 their ultimate ability is unlocked (their special power).

There are over 140 different Champions in the esports game League of Legends. Each Champion is categorised as 1 of 7 different classes. We will discuss the 7 different classes:


  • Fighter – Fighters charge through to the enemies fountain and disrupt them so take the focus away from their teammates.
  • Mage – Mages use powerful spells to weaken and hurt the enemies.
  • Controller – Controllers are mainly supports that help protect their teammates and try to create opportunities to aid their team.
  • Marksman – Marksman keep their distance from the enemies and use their position to inflict as much damage to the enemy from a distance.
  • Slayer – Slayers are offensive and deal a huge amount of damage to enemy Champions.
  • Tank – Tanks can take a lot of damage so they try to take damage whilst their teammates attack the enemy.
  • Specialist – Specialists are all very unique and cannot be categorised as they are all so different.


League of Legends FAQs:



How do I play League of Legends?

League of Legends is free to play. You need to have a PC / Mac in order to play as it is not available to play on consoles. You can download the game from steam. Try out different Champions to see which one you like.

Can you level up in League of Legends?

Yes there are nine different levels or ranks in the game. They are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger. Playing well will increase you level.

Can you find a team and play competitively?

Yes, firstly get to at least Silver level as you will be taken more seriously but this is not essential. Then use a subreddit to reach out to other players in order to form a team. 

How to watch League of Legends tournaments live?

There are three main ways to watch live games.

  • Riot Games website – The owners of the game. They provide live-streams of every League of Legends tournament on their website.
  • Twitch – This website shows the live streams of many different e-sports across the world.
  • YouTube – This is another great way to stream League of Legends live.

Current and Upcoming League of Legends Tournaments


Tournament Name Start Date Finish Date

Previous League of Legends Tournaments


Tournament Name Winner Runner Up End Date
Asia Star Challengers Invitational Edward Gaming MAX September 25, 2022
CBLOL LOUD paiN Gaming September 3, 2022
Coupe de France Team Vitality LDLC OL November 11, 2022
Demacia Cup Bilibili Gaming ThunderTalk Gaming December 27, 2022
European Masters MAD Lions Ninjas in Pyjamas September 30, 2018
Iberian Cup MAD Lions Vodafone Giants November 2, 2018
LDL FunPlus Phoenix Edward Gaming August 28, 2022
League Championship Series Cloud9 100 Thieves September 11, 2022
League of Legends Pro League Edward Gaming Royal Never Give Up August 26, 2016
Legends European Championship Fnatic Unicorns Of Love April 19, 2015
LFL LDLC OL Team BDS August 18, 2022
LJL DetonatioN Gaming Sengoku Gaming September 4, 2022
LoL Japan League DetonatioN Gaming Donuts Unsold Stuff Gaming April 13, 2019
Mid-Season Invitational Royal Never Give Up T1 May 29, 2022
NEST Invictus Gaming JD Gaming November 19, 2017
Supercopa Flow Nocturns Gaming 9Z Team December 4, 2020
World Championship DRX T1 November 5, 2022