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World Of Warcraft Betting

World of Warcraft, also known as WoW, is an open-world multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment based on their Warcraft betting real-time strategy series. WoW was released in 2004 and continues to have millions of players worldwide. Blizzard has released multiple expansions for the game since its initial release, the latest of which is Shadowlands, which was released in 2021. This has provided the players with fresh things to explore and enjoy.

There are 24 races and 12 classes to choose from. From a competitive standpoint, this gives up a lot of possibilities, given that each class can perform diverse roles in both PVE and PVP competitive scenarios. The esports game concentrates around leveling up your character, learning professions, beating formidable bosses, and fighting other players in battlegrounds or arenas.

With more prize money and increased exposure surrounding the main players, the betting industry surrounding World of Warcraft eSports competitions is beginning to develop, making it a hotspot for bookmakers who are searching for new markets to explore. Now bettors can enjoy great betting odds and bonuses from sportsbooks offering WoW betting odds.

This guide will take you through the different bet types you can find while betting on WoW. We will also explain how the game works and focus on explaining all the aspects of eSports to help you become knowledgeable about the game, leading to wiser betting decisions. We have also mentioned all the popular tournaments of World of Warcraft for you to enjoy eSports betting.

World Of Warcraft Bet Types

All of the main bookmakers’ websites offer World of Warcraft betting. There are numerous betting markets accessible for World of Warcraft. You may have a lot of fun with your bets because of the unique characteristics of the eSport, which ranges from PvP tournaments to more niche PvE events. Below we have mentioned all the bet types you can find on sportsbook websites for World Of Warcraft (WoW) tournaments.

PvP Betting

With the PvP betting market, you can bet on a player you think has a higher chance of winning the one-on-one match.

PvE Betting

In player vs environment betting, you can bet on teams that you think can beat the given environment challenge.

Outright Winner Betting

You can bet on a team to win a particular tournament before the competition commences. This betting type is commonly found on all bookmakers offering World Of Warcraft betting odds.

Handicap Betting

When there is a clear favourite, World of Warcraft handicap betting allows you to place a wager on the underdog and still win money. With this type of esports odds, you can make a wager by “giving” points to the underdog while “taking away” points from the favorite.

World Of Warcraft Game Modes


WoW Betting Odds

A significant portion of World of Warcraft gameplay revolves around questing, which are tasks/quests that are typically offered by non-player characters (NPCs). Quests often award the player with experience points and in-game money, which may be spent on upgrading your character’s skills and equipment. Some quests include a variety of quest rewards, allowing the player to select those that best suit their character.


Dungeons in World of Warcraft need players to work together to vanquish enemies residing in them. The players join a temporary team to explore the dungeons and battle the creatures for massive prizes. This World of Warcraft game mode lets players explore locations and defeat quests by utilizing several characters with varying skill sets. This allows players to learn more about their game characters.

Player Versus Player (PvP)

The Player Versus Player (PvP) is the WoW mode used in tournaments where players battle against other player/s using their game characters. Some servers (designated PvP) allow players to engage in combat with other players in the game environment using the fraction method, where a group fights against another group. Members of opposing groups can fight each other at any time in these environments. On the other hand, player versus environment (PvE) servers allow a player to select whether or not to participate in combat with other players. There are sections of the planet on both server types where free-for-all warfare is permitted.

Major Tournaments in World of Warcraft have a large prize pool, are played over LAN, and feature the finest teams worldwide. They are frequently owned by well-established franchisees and are regarded as prestigious in the community. Tier 2 World of Warcraft Tournaments has a substantial prize pool and many top-tier teams. These are typically online events. However, they also include single-area LANs. Below we have mentioned some of the popular WoW tournaments.

Arena World Championship – It is the biggest WoW tournament that takes place every year. A series of qualifying competitions are held before this tournament.

Classic Arena Tournament (CAT): The CAT is one of the major World Of Warcraft tournaments. Players from all over the world participate in claiming massive cash prizes.

BlizzCon: It is one of the major tournaments occurring once every year.

World of Warcraft Arena: The World of Warcraft Arena is the World Championship event for World of Warcraft. This is a 3v3 event.

Regional Tournaments: This is a region-wise World Of Warcraft tournament taking place once every year. The Chinese Regional Tournament and Latin America Regional Tournament are some of the few popular regional tournaments. This is a tier 2 tournament.World Of Warcraft Championships: The World Of Warcraft Championships is a continent-wide tournament where top teams from all over the continent participate to win a grand prize. The biggest event in this series of tournaments is the Asia pacific championships. This is a tier 2 tournament.

Current and Upcoming World of Warcraft Tournaments


Tournament Name Start Date Finish Date

Previous World of Warcraft Tournaments


Tournament Name Winner Runner Up End Date
Arena World Championship- Eu Grand finals Horizon Method September 26, 2021