Call of Duty Betting

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Call of Duty – Match/Series Winner Betting

The simplest bet there is, simply choose who you think is going to win the match. There are two teams in each game and you simply need to choose which team you think are going to win, there is no possibility of a draw as one team must win.


Call of Duty – Correct Score Bets

Games such as Search and Destroy require one team to reach 6 round wins in order to win the game. This bet involves predicting how many rounds each team are going to win. There are numerous combinations for this bet, for example a team could win by 6-0,6-1,6-2,6-3,6-4 or 6-5 The risks are higher in this kind of betting mode but the odds are higher therefore so are the profits when you win.


Call of Duty: Over/under Betting

There are many different over/under bets available for you to wager on. You could bet on the total number of kills by a team to be over a certain amount or you could bet on one team getting under a certain amount of round wins. Each bookmaker varies on which selections they offer.


Call of Duty – Handicap Betting

Essentially you are just picking the match winner but with an added twist as the team you are betting on also has an amount of wins added or subtracted to the score line.

Example: In a game there are two teams: Team A and Team B. If you think Team A will win you make a +1.5 handicap bet on them. This means that if Team A wins the game 2-1 or 2-0 you win the bet. If they only win a single round you still win because the handicap adds 1.5 to Team A’s score (i.e. 1 + 1.5 = 2.5 which rounds to 3 which is the score required to win the competition. The only time you would not win the bet is when Team B beats Team A by 3-0 (i.e. Team B wins 3 games and Team A doesn’t win a single game).


Call of Duty – Prop Betting

Prop betting is a type of bet that is based on particular events happening during an esports game which are independent of the game’s outcome (winner). For example you can bet on which player will get the most kills or which player will be killed first. There are many different prop bets that can be placed which will depend on which bookmakers you are using.


Call of Duty – Live Betting

Most bets are placed before a game begins. Live betting is betting placed after the game has begun where the bookmaker adjusts the odds of a particular bet as the game progresses. You can view how well each team is doing and see the changes in momentum of the game as the game progresses. This could give you the advantage of seeing if one team is doing better by watching it live so you could place a bet on them to win.


Call of Duty – Tournaments


Call Of Duty Odds

Call of Duty tournaments take place all year round. The tournaments are mainly held in the USA but some tournaments are held in the UK, France and Australia. There is a high prize pool for some of the main tournaments but the prize pool isn’t as high as some ESports such as League of Legends. Tournaments were only played on Playstation 4 as this console was set as the standard for all CoD competitions but more recently PC has taken over as the main platform. Now players must use a pre approved controller which is approved by the Call of Duty League to participate in the Call of Duty League Tournaments. The most popular Call of Duty ESports tournaments was the Call of Duty Championship but has since changed into the Call of Duty League.

The highest paying CoD esports tournament was the Call of Duty League Championship in 2020. The tournament was played in the Modern Warfare game which consisted of 10 teams each with 5 players per team and a prize pool of $4,600,000. The team ‘Dallas Empire’ won the tournament and received $1,500,000 for coming first place.

Game Name Tournament Name
Call of Duty Call of Duty League Major
Call of Duty Call of Duty Mobile World Championship
Call of Duty COD Championship
Call of Duty Japan Championship- MWII


Playing Call Of Duty

Call of Duty, also known as CoD is one of the most popular game franchises of all time. It can be played on multiple different platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, PC/MAC and Nintendo consoles. This means that the game can virtually be played with anyone with a console and there is no need to have a specific console to play it. Call of Duty is a first person shooter game whereby the gamer controls a character which views a weapon in the centre of the screen where the gamer sees the viewpoint of the character in the game. The first Call of Duty was made in 2003 with the second being released in 2005. A new COD game has then been made every single year since due to its ever growing popularity with gamers.


CoD Betting

The first 3 games released were focused around World War 2. The 4th game released changed direction and focused on a more modern theme, this is where the franchise’s first major breakthrough came through, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The Modern warfare single-player campaign was set in 2011, in the story of the campaign the leader of a Middle Eastern country is executed and this had knock-on effects in Russia which led to a civil war. The main character you play as during Modern Warfare is British Secret Air Service (SAS) Sergeant MacTavish but you also play several different characters on certain missions throughout the game.

Call of Duty has a different game released each year which alternates between three game developers: Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. Where each developer has their own style and unique elements to their games. Each game is different and is set in a different time from the previous game from CoD: Black Ops which is set in the cold war to CoD: Infinity War which is set in the future.

Other than playing the campaign, gamers can compete with other players online across the world during live multiplayer matches in order to win game modes such as ‘Team Deathmatch’ or ‘Search and Destroy’. This multiplayer mode is as popular as the campaign if not even more popular. This guide focuses on the multiplayer aspect of competing with other gamers in order to win games, competitions and tournaments.

In terms of esports there are 3 Call of Duty games that are played in competitions and esports tournaments. These are Modern Warfare (MW) and Black Ops Cold War (CW) and Warzone. The competitions vary from game to game but typically in MW and CW a standard team consists of 4 players who compete against another team of 4 players in order to win but also teams can play with up to 6 players per team. Call of Duty esports teams play across a variety of different game modes. We have listed the main 3 game modes below.


Competitive Call of Duty Esports Game Modes


  • Search and Destroy – Search and Destroy is a very popular game mode in the Call of Duty franchise. The mode consists of 2 teams which compete against each other. The 2 teams alternate between trying to plant a bomb which destroys one of the two enemy objectives whilst the alternate team tries to prevent the other team from planting the bomb. The catch to this game mode is that once you die you do not respawn until the next round, this makes it imperative to remain stealthy so as not to be killed. To win a game of Search and Destroy your team must be the first to get 6 round wins before the rival team does.
  • Hardpoint – Hardpoint consists of 2 teams that attempt to control a small area on the map, typically a building known as the hardpoint. At least one player on one of the teams must remain in the hardpoint to gain points. For each second a team occupies the hardpoint a point is given to that team. The rival team must try to drive out the players occupying the hardpoint so they can contest the hardpoint and gain the points. If there are players of either team in the hardpoint at any given moment the hardpoint is known as contested and no teams receive any points until the players of the other team are driven out or killed.
  • Control – Control is a much newer game mode and was first introduced to the CoD franchise in Black Ops 4 back in 2018. Like in the other game modes control consists of 2 teams competing against each other which alternates between offence and defence. For the offence, the team must try to attack and claim the 2 enemy objectives. The defence team must try to prevent the offensive team from claiming their objectives. The twist for this game is that there are only 20 respawns allotted per team, so once they have used their respawns up there is no coming back.

Having only 3 competitive game modes allows pundits and tipsters to make more accurate predictions for esports betting since it is more of a niche to focus on.

Current and Upcoming Call of Duty Tournaments


Tournament Name Start Date Finish Date

Previous Call of Duty Tournaments

Tournament Name Winner Runner Up End Date
Call of Duty League Major Atlanta FaZe Dallas Empire March 7, 2021
Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Tribe Gaming ARP Gaming December 5, 2021
COD Championship Fariko Impact Team Envy April 7, 2013
Japan Championship- MWII NORTHEPTION CYCLOPS athlete gaming January 15, 2023