Rainbow Six Siege Betting

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal that offers unrealistic graphics and thrill for those who play or watch the game. If you like to place bets on eSports, then you must know how big the Rainbow Six Siege betting market is. 

Several Rainbow Six Siege betting markets are available for you to enjoy on bookmaker’s websites. Below we have mentioned the bet types you will find for Rainbow Six Siege eSports. 

Type Of Bets In Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege Betting


  • Region Winner Betting Odds – You can bet on competing teams to become the number one team in a given region.
  • Overall Winner Betting Odds – This is the most common type of esports odds available on all the bookmakers that provide odds for Rainbow Six Siege. In overall winner betting odds, you get to bet on the team you think will be the tournament winner.
  • Group Winner Betting Odds – Usually, all eSports tournaments, including the Rainbow Six Siege tournaments, unfold in groups. Each group has a set number of teams, and you can bet on which team will be called the champion of that particular group or division.
  • Finalists Betting Odds – Not sure who will win the tournament but have an idea about the finalists? Then this is the bet type you should consider. Finalist betting odds are offered by many bookmakers, which lets you bet on teams who have the possibility of entering the finals.
  • First Kill Betting Odds – If you like fast paced betting while watching the match live, then you will prefer the first kill betting odds. You can bet on a team or player who will be the first to score a kill in the match.
  • Headshot Betting Odds – Besides betting on the first kill, you can also bet on the team or player with the highest number of head shots in a match.
  • Highest Kill Betting Odds – Bet on a team or a player for the highest kill in a match.
  • Round Winner Betting Odds – Like other esports betting, there is a round system in Rainbow Six Siege, and you can bet on the team who will win the rounds.


As a popular video game, Rainbow Six Siege witnesses many tournaments. These esports tournaments take place once a year and attract a crowd of god tiered players and teams from all around the world.

Are you interested in learning about the Rainbow Six Siege tournaments? Then, still, till the end as we will provide all the information you need about Rainbow Six Siege tournaments to get started with placing bets on these matches.

Six Major: It is a major European tournament where players from all over the world assemble to claim the great prize pool.

Six Invitationals: It is a six days competition between 16 top teams. The Six Invitational is one of the most anticipated events in Rainbow Six Siege.

R6 Pro league: Last but not least is the R6 Pro League which is the most prestigious Rainbow Six Siege tournament in the world. A total of 16 teams around the world participate in this tournament.


Game Name Tournament Name
Rainbow Six Siege Asia Pacific League
Rainbow Six Siege Asia Pacific League - South
Rainbow Six Siege Asia Pacific League- North
Rainbow Six Siege Brasileiro - Finals
Rainbow Six Siege Campeonato Sudamericano
Rainbow Six Siege Copa Elite Six
Rainbow Six Siege European Challenger League
Rainbow Six Siege European League
Rainbow Six Siege Invitational
Rainbow Six Siege Japan Invitational
Rainbow Six Siege Japan League
Rainbow Six Siege Korean Open
Rainbow Six Siege LATAM Norte
Rainbow Six Siege Nordic Championship
Rainbow Six Siege North American Challenger League
Rainbow Six Siege North American League
Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Major
Rainbow Six Siege SCS
Rainbow Six Siege Six invitational- Closed Qualifier
Rainbow Six Siege South Asia Nationals
Rainbow Six Siege Sudamerica
Rainbow Six Siege TEC Invitational

Rainbow Six Siege Game Details

Rainbow Six Siege is an FPS game where you can play as a lone wolf in the CoOp mode or play the multiplayer mode. In Rainbow Six Siege, you have to make use of several tactical equipments including modern weapons, shields, different grenades, and more, to play the game. In the single player mode, your objective is to beat the story of the game.

Whereas in multiplayer mode, you participate in a team match where your goal is to eliminate opponents or complete the winning requirements. Below we have explained all the esports games modes you can play in Rainbow Six Siege.


Multiplayer Mode


Rainbow Six Siege Odds

In multiplayer mode, you will have to participate in team battles which are available in three options which are as follows.


  • (Team DeathMatch) TDM-Hostage – In this mode, you either play as the defender or the attacker, where both team’s main objective is to secure the hostage who is located in a random location on the map. But if the hostage dies, the round is over for whichever side delivers the fatal blow.
  • (Team DeathMatch) TDM-Secure Area – In this mode, Attackers need to find the room with the biohazard container and maintain their position there for at least 10 seconds to lock the chamber. Defenders must stop the attacker by either killing them all or interrupting their 10-second window by entering the room.
  • (Team DeathMatch) TDM-Bomb – In this mode, the map has two bombs. If the Attackers are able to neutralize one of the two explosives or if the other team is eliminated, they win the round. Defenders must stop the Attackers from triggering the defuser or, if it has already been turned on, must turn it off.


Single Player Mode

Terrorist Hunt Classic – In this mode, it is your role to get rid of every single white-masked terrorist. You can select between the Normal, Hard, and Realistic difficulty levels.

Hostage Extraction – Similar to the classic terrorist hunt, the difference is that the terrorists know that your team is coming and will attack you during the preparation round.

Protect Asset – In this game mode, your goal is to protect the asset from the white masked terrorists. The enemies will come at you in waves, giving you time in between attacks to fortify your position.

Disarm Bombs – In this game mode, there are several activated bombs distributed on the map, and you have to diffuse them all before they go off. The white masked terrorists will come to eliminate you in waves, so watch out for them.


Training Mode/Situations

The situation mode is a training ground where you can play solo training matches. There are many situations matches like –


  • CQB Basics
  • Suburban Extraction
  • High-Value Target
  • Tubular Assault
  • Cold Zero
  • Asset Protection
  • Neutralize Cell
  • No Intel
  • Improvise Defense
  • Heavily Fortified


Current and Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Tournaments


Tournament Name Start Date Finish Date

Previous Rainbow Six Siege Tournaments


Tournament Name Winner Runner Up End Date
Asia Pacific League - South Elevate Gaimin Gladiators July 28, 2022
Asia Pacific League- North Vodafone Giants CYCLOPS athlete gaming October 22, 2020
Brasileiro - Finals Made in Brazil Team Liquid November 29, 2020
Campeonato Sudamericano Furious Gaming Newstar November 26, 2021
Collegiate Rocket League University of Akron Louisiana State University May 6, 2021
Copa Elite Six Team Liquid Made in Brazil April 25, 2021
European Challenger League MNM Gaming HellRaisers November 25, 2021
European League Rogue Team BDS July 20, 2022
Invitational TSM Team Empire February 20, 2022
Japan Invitational Team BDS DAMWON Gaming November 6, 2022
Japan League SCARZ CYCLOPS athlete gaming October 16, 2022
Korean Open SGA eSPORTS DAMWON Gaming April 18, 2021
North American Challenger League Wichita Wolves Arial Arise April 30, 2022
North American League Oxygen Esports Soniqs April 22, 2021
Rainbow Six Major G2 Esports Evil Geniuses August 19, 2018
SCS Oxygen Esports Arial Arise December 23, 2022
Six invitational- Closed Qualifier Dire Wolves SANDBOX Gaming January 15, 2023
South Asia Nationals MercenarieZ KIRA E-Sports April 18, 2021
Sudamerica Valhalla Legion Wygers Argentina October 31, 2021