League Of Legends: European Masters Summer Betting Predictions 2022

The European Masters Summer 2022 up till now has been very challenging for both popular teams with famous players and not so popular with lesser-known players. The team Vitality.Bee had been performing well in the tournament but was eliminated on September 17, 2022, by Team BDS Academy, who also got promoted for the Semifinal round. 

Considering the explosive performance of Team BDS Academy, it is safe to say that they will be the ones to stand in the finals and might even win the tournament. However, there is another competitor team that has been performing surprisingly well. 

That team is Team Heretics. By defeating the two biggest competitors of the tournament, Valiance on September 07, 2022, and UOL Sexy Edition on September 18, 2022, Team Heretics are all set to appear in the Semifinals, and experts believe that they will bring in a lot of competition for Team BDS in the finals. 

Therefore, to sum up, there are two favorites for LoL European Masters Summer 2022: Team BDS and Team Heretics. Either one can win the whole competition.

League Of Legends: European Masters Summer 2022 Prize Pool

  • 1st position will win €40,000. (TBA)
  • 2nd position will win €25,000. (TBA)
  • 3rd & 4th positions will win €13,500. (TBA)
  • 5th-8th positions won €8,000. And the winners were Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition, Dusty, Vitality.Bee, and X7 Esports, respectively.
  • 9th-12th positions won €4,000. And the winners were Giants, Anorthosis Famagusta Esports, SK Gaming Prime, and Macko Esports, respectively.
  • 13th-16th positions won €2,500. And the winners were  Zero Tenacity, AGO ROGUE, Valiance, and FC Schalke 04 Esports, respectively.
  • 17th-28th positions were earned by KRC Genk Esports, For The Win Esports, eSuba, White Dragons, JD-XL, Illuminar Gaming, BISONS ECLUB, Outplayed, Crvena zvezda Esports, Entropiq, The Agency, and Team Phantasma respectively. 

LoL European Masters Summer 2022 Remaining Matches Schedule

Matches Schedule


Thursday, September 15 Time: 10 AM 

GameWard vs. X7 Esports

Winner: GameWard

Friday, September 16. Time: 10 AM 

LDLC OL vs. Dusty

Winner: LDLC OL

Saturday, September 17. Time: 10 AM 

Team BDS Academy vs. Vitality.Bee

Winner: Team BDS Academy

Sunday, September 18 Time: 10 AM 

UOL Sexy Edition vs. Team Heretics

Winner: Team Heretics


Wednesday, September 21. Time: 10 AM 

Team Heretics vs. LDLC OL

Winner: TBD

Thursday, September 22. Time: 10 AM 

Team BDS Academy vs. GameWard

Winner: TBD


Sunday, September 25. Time: 10 AM 


Winner: TBD

LoL European Masters Summer 2022 Teams

Knowing about the participating teams and their participating players will help you have a deep knowledge of how the game could play out. Thus creating better insight for betting on your preferred team. Go through the list of all the popular participating players to hone your eSports betting prediction skills. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, LoL is a grand MOBA game with limitless possibilities; thus, making predictions on who will win is very challenging. We have provided LoL European Masters Summer 2022 betting predictions as predicted by experts who have been betting on LoL tournaments for many years and have very deep knowledge of eSports. However, conducting your own research is advised before betting on LoL EU Masters 2022, along with following our tips.