CSGO CCT South Europe Betting

CSGO CCT South Europe Betting

The CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 is a European online tournament organized by Gjirafa50, and the grand prize pool for the tournament is $50,000, which will be distributed among the top ten players. A total of 24 teams will play in this European tournament. They will play in the group stage and then in playoffs to decide the tournament’s winner. The Group Stage will be contested in Swiss format, with all matches being best-of-three series.


The playoffs will be a single-elimination best-of-three format. The sponsors for the CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 are GRID & BitSkins. The CSGO: CCT South Europe 2022 will start on October 10, 2022, and will end on October 24, 2022. Since this CSGO betting tournament is such a huge event, bettors will have a great opportunity to enjoy eSports betting offered by many reputable bookmakers.


CCT South Europe Format


The CSGO CCT South Europe tournament is played with a total of 24 professional CSGO players from Europe. The tournament format first divides the teams into four groups for the group stage, which is the first-round game for CSGO CCT South Europe. Below we have provided all the required details regarding the esports tournament format.


CSGO: CCT South Europe Group Stage


    • A total of 16 teams enter the group stage, where they are assigned to one of the four groups in the stage, which follows the swiss system format.
    • These groups have internal matches, which are all BO3 (best of three).
    • Only the top two teams from each of the four groups can proceed to the playoffs round.


CSGO: CCT South Europe Playoffs


    • Eight teams from the group stage and another eight teams from the invited list join the CSGO CCT South Europe playoffs round.
    • These teams then play against each other in a single elimination bracket game format where all the matches are played in BO3 (best of three).


CSGO: CCT South Europe 2022 Participating Teams


    • forZe
    • Team BLINK
    • Websterz
    • Natus Vincere Junior
    • Partizan Esports
    • Endpoint
    • Sangal Esports
    • HAVU
    • Tricked Esport
    • needDOCTOR
    • Team Spirit
    • ex-SKADE
    • Monte
    • X
    • Team Falcons
    • Copenhagen Flames
    • IKLA
    • WLGaming Esports
    • Zero Tenacity
    • Entropiq
    • Eternal Fire


CSGO: CCT South Europe 2022 Prize Pool


    • 1st  –  TBA &  Prize:  $22,000.
    • 2nd  –  TBA &  Prize:  $10,000.
    • 4th  –  TBA &  Prize:  $5,000.
    • 4th  –  TBA &  Prize:  $5,000.
    • 5th  –  Websterz &  Prize:  $2,000.
    • 6th  –  TBA &  Prize:  $2,000.
    • 7th  –  TBA &  Prize:  $2,000.
    • 8th  –  TBA &  Prize:  $2,000.
    • 9th  –  Eternal Fire &  Prize:  NA.
    • 10th  –  Entropiq &  Prize:  NA.
    • 11th  –  Team Falcons &  Prize:  NA.
    • 12th  –  IKLA &  Prize:  NA.
    • 13th  –  Sangal Esports &  Prize:  NA.
    • 14th  –  LIBURNA &  Prize:  NA.
    • 15th  –  Endpoint &  Prize:  NA.
    • 16th  –  ex-SKADE &  Prize:  NA.
    • 17th  –  Zero Tenacity &  Prize:  NA.
    • 18th  –  Partizan Esports &  Prize:  NA.
    • 19th  –  needDOCTOR &  Prize:  NA.
    • 20th  –  X &  Prize:  NA.
    • 21st  –  BLUEJAYS &  Prize:  NA.
    • 22nd  –  Team BLINK &  Prize:  NA.
    • 23rd  –  WLGaming Esports &  Prize:  NA.
    • 24th  –  Natus Vincere Junior &  Prize:  NA


CSGO: CCT South Europe 2022 Betting Prediction And Tips


The CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 tournament started on October 10, 2022, and up till now, our predictions were 80% on the mark. At the time of writing this updated CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 esports betting predictions and tips, the tournament is in the playoff quarterfinal round.


We predict that the first match between the Websterz and CPH Flames will result in CPH Flames winning the match. Even though Websterz is a formidable CSGO team, their past performance has proved that they need to work on their team play. Similarly, the second match of the quarterfinal of CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 playoffs between


HAVU Gaming and forZe will be won by forZe.


The third quarterfinals match will be won by ALTERNATE aTTaX, and the fourth match winner will be the formidable Team Spirit. As for the finals, our team of experts believe that Team Spirit and forZe will be the winners and face each other in the final match of the CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 tournament.


Please keep in mind that these predictions were made by a team of highly professional think tanks, and we urge bettors to conduct their own research before betting with real money.


CSGO: CCT South Europe 2022 Betting Odds


The CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 tournament has started, and such a massive event attracts bookmakers and offers great live esports odds. If you are an eSports betting enthusiast and looking for a website to get all the best and fresh CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 betting odds, then betting.gg is the right place for you.


Betting on CSGO Online


CSGO: CCT South Europe 2022 is one of the major CSGO competitions in Europe. Thanks to its popularity, those who love eSports betting can enjoy great odds and special bonuses offered by many big to medium size esports bookmakers. In today’s article, we have provided some CSGO CCT South Europe 2022 betting tips and predictions as shared by our team of experts.

Previous Results


End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money
October 24, 2022 Copenhagen Flames Monte 24 $22,000 $50,000