CSGO WePlay Academy League Betting Odds

CSGO WePlay Academy League Betting

WePlay Academy League is a massive European eSports betting tournament based on the CSGO game. The WePlay Academy League Season 6 started on October 12, 2022, and will end on November 20, 2022. Season 6 of the WePlay Academy League is organized by WePlay Esports, and the prize pool will be $100,000. This massive prize money will be divided between the top 10 teams, of which the winner will get $45,000.

The CSGO maps used for the WePlay Academy League 2022 are Ancient, Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo. In addition, 14 invited teams from Europe play in the WePlay Academy League S6. These teams have wreaked havoc for their opponents in the group stage and are expected to perform similarly in the stages to come.

If you are a CS GO fan, an eSports bettor, or both, then we have brought you the ultimate WePlay Academy League betting guide for 2022. Below we have provided WePlay Academy League Season 6 tips, predictions, and CSGO betting odds from our team of experts and the best bookmakers worldwide.


CSGO WePlay Academy League Tournament Format


WePlay Academy League Group Stage


    • A total of 14 invited teams play in the group stage, with two double round-robin format groups.
    • Naturally, each group will have seven teams that play against each other in the BO1 (best of one matches) format.
    • Two teams from the group stage get seeded directly to the playoffs and do not have to play in the play-ins stage. These two lucky teams will be the first-ranked teams from the two groups.
    • The teams that rank second, third and fourth in both groups enter the play-in stage. The remaining teams are eliminated.



WePlay Academy League Play-In Stage


    • Six teams in a single-elimination gauntlet play the play-in stage.
    • All the matches in the play-ins are in BO3 (best of three) format.
    • The top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs round, and the rest are eliminated.



WePlay Academy League Playoffs

The WePlay Academy League Playoffs is the final stage in the tournament, where the games proceed using the double-elimination bracket.

All the playoff matches are in BO3 format, including the grand finale.


CSGO WePlay Academy League Season 6 Participating Teams


    • 00 Prospects – spooke, FRANSSON, Hype, bobeksde, and AlekS. Coach: Rytter.
    • Apeks Rebels – sense, vHw, Tapewaare, berzerk, and Brave. Coach: mithR.
    • stralis Talent – Altekz, kristou, jarko, Patti, and br0. Coach: cajunb.
    • BIG Academy – Aqua, prosus, hyped, skyye, and tiziaN. Coach: Anhuin.
    • ENCE Academy – podi, myltsi, HENU, juissi, and S1rva. Coach: Whitey.
    • Flames Ascent – Inspire, Hansi, buNNy, Speedy, and fez. Coach: ko5te.
    • Fnatic Rising – Banjo Show Substitutes, Maze, volt, WolfY, and adamS.
    • FURIA Academy – zmb, kauez, Bruninho, koala, and decenty. Coach: msr.
    • MIBR Academy – insani, card, lub, beg0d, and spinnie. Coach: betinho.
    • MOUZ NXT – Jimpphat Show Substitutes, Chr1zN, Q-Q, Nexius, and shield. Coach: TOBIZ.
    • NAVI Junior – nipl Show Substitutes, Dem0N, froz1k, rendY, and yab0ku-. Coach: crush.
    • OG Academy – Dementor, s0und, Marix, Oxygen, and AwaykeN. Coach: crisby.
    • Spirit Academy – zont1x, ArtFr0st, donk, OWNER, and baaaaZzz. Coach: S0tF1k.
    • Young Ninjas – ztr, adamb, maxster, eraa, and nilo. Coach: abdi.



CS GO WePlay Academy League Season 6 Prize Pool


    • The 1st ranked team will win $45,000.
    • The 2nd ranked team will win $20,000.
    • The 3rd ranked team will win $15,000.
    • The 4th ranked team will win $8,000.
    • OG Academy scored the 5th rank, and they won $4,000.
    • 00 Prospects scored the 6th rank, and they won $4,000.
    • Astralis Talent scored the 7th rank, and they won $1,500.
    • Fnatic Rising scored the 8th rank, and they won $1,500.
    • FURIA Academy scored the 9th rank, and they won $500.
    • BIG Academy scored 10th rank, and they won $500.
    • Apeks Rebels scored the 11th rank.
    • ENCE Academy scored the 12th rank.
    • Flames Ascent scored the 13th rank.
    • MIBR Academy scored 14th rank.



CSGO WePlay Academy League Season 6 Betting Predictions & Tips


CSGO Betting

The WePlay Academy League Season 6 group stage and play-ins just concluded, and the playoffs are about to begin. We have the names of the teams that will clash first in the playoffs. The first match is between NAVI Junior and Young Ninjas. According to our experts, Young Ninjas have out-performed themselves this year and showed us what real teamwork is, and they can win the first match of the playoffs on November 18, 2022. Similarly, our esports tips predict that the second match will be won by Spirit Academy.

Our team of experts believes that in the upcoming matches, we can expect four teams to show us some great games: NAVI Junior, Spirit Academy, Young Ninjas, and MOUZ NXT.

As for the grand finals, we predict that the team Spirit Academy and Young Ninjas will face each other. It will be a match between amazing players like ztr, maxster, eraa, zont1x, ArtFr0st, OWNER, and others. However, the ultimate winner will be team Young Ninjas.


CSGO WePlay Academy League Season 6 Betting Odds

CS GO WePlay Academy League 2022 started in October 2022, and the first stage has been concluded. Now the playoffs will begin. We estimate that the bookmakers will release the CS GO WePlay Academy League S6 betting esports odds for playoffs in a few days. So till then, keep checking this space for fresh betting odds.


CSGO WePlay Academy League Season 6 Betting

CS GO WePlay Academy League Season 6 provides fans with a lot of excitement with their great match format that maximizes the number of matches between the participating teams. With more matches, bettors will also have more opportunities to place eSports bets. We hope our WePlay Academy League Season 6 CSGO betting tips and guide will help bettors make wise and swift betting decisions. Fans and bettors can stream the WePlay Academy League Season 6 live on YouTube and Twitch for free. In addition, some big bookmakers also offer free streaming services for live betting on WePlay Academy League Season 6.

Previous CSGO WePlay Academy League Results


End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money
November 20, 2022 Ninjas in Pyjamas Team Spirit 14 $45,000 $100,000
August 14, 2022 Fnatic Team Spirit 14 $45,000 $100,000
June 26, 2022 MOUZ Berlin International Gaming 13 $45,000 $90,000
February 13, 2022 MOUZ Berlin International Gaming 10 $45,000 $100,000
October 31, 2021 MOUZ Natus Vincere 4 $45,000 $88,000
August 29, 2021 MOUZ Ninjas in Pyjamas 4 $45,000 $88,000