CSGO ESL Pro-League Betting

The ESL Pro League (formerly known as ESL ESEA Pro League) is one of the biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league championships hosted by a German esports organiser and production company known as ESL. The event was held for the first time in May 2015, the league paid out US$1,000,000 in prizes to the teams, and they provided full travel support for all the teams who were going to the offline finals. Initially, the event only featured the teams from the European and North American regions but in later seasons the competition has expanded and opened up the opportunity for the teams from the Oceanic and South American regions to participate also.


ESL Pro League Odds

CS-GO ESL Pro-League is a bi-yearly event with one season held in Spring and the other one held in the Fall of each competition year. The league currently comprises a standard 24 teams every season, including the 15 Permanent Partner Teams. For the qualifying phase ESL has introduced the ESL Conference into the event and all the teams compete for the ESL Pro League Trophy and the big prize money.

Throughout its 15 seasons, the ESL Pro League CSGO betting events are scheduled around Valve’s Major tournament system, while the offline finals are held in various locations throughout the world.


ESL Pro-League Tournament Format

EPL season 15 started on March 9th. New teams competed in the new format for a whopping prize of $850,000. At the beginning of 2022, ESL made some changes to the competitive format of the tournament throughout the years, so let’s discuss how teams qualify and compete against one another to win the tournament.


ESL Pro-League Qualification:

The league had the standard 24 teams for the championship but ESL Gaming has expanded its partner team list to now 15 and they have also added the ESL Conference as a way of qualifying phase into the league. So, 15 teams directly qualify for the main competition through the Permanent Partner Status, ESL operates a revenue-sharing system with these 15 teams.

Of the other 9 teams, five teams qualify through the regional qualifications. Regional qualifications take place through the regional ESEA Premier seasons, with two of those events taking place every ESL Pro League season, and a spot is given to each of the winners of the season championship in Europe and North America, a total of 4 four spots, two winners of the ESEA Premier seasons in Oceania will have a playoff and the winner of the playoff will earn a spot in the main event.

The remaining four teams qualify through the ESL World Ranking, which is a system that ESL uses to measure and rank teams. rankings are determined by all significant CS:GO Esports tournaments, even including tournaments not operated by ESL.


ESL Pro-League Round-robin Group Stage:

There will be four groups of 6 teams which mean the 24 teams into four equal teams, a single round-robin Group Stage will be played between the teams, each team will play five rounds of best-of-three matches, three points would be awarded for a win, and a loss with zero points. The team that performed the best will immediately advance to the quarterfinals, while 2nd and 3rd place will have to through another best-of-three match in the round of twelve to advance forward into the play-off stage. So, the top three teams in each group will advance forward.


ESL Pro-League Knockout and Playoff Stages:

Four teams directly qualified for the quarterfinals, the other 8 teams have to compete against each other in a knockout competition, and only 4 of the teams can make it into the quarterfinals. Out of 8 teams, 4 teams will advance into the semi-finals and the winners of the semi-finals will compete in the finals for the ESL Pro League Trophy and the prize money.


ESL Pro-League 2021


ESL Pro League Betting

Twenty Four teams competed in the 15th season tournament. Three teams qualified through EPL Conference for the main stage by competing in a 16-team Double-Elimination bracket. All Matches were the Best of Three.

In the 1st group stage, four each group has six teams, all the teams play against each other once. The group’s 1st place teams directed advanced to the Quarterfinals, 2nd, and 3rd place teams advanced to the Round of 12. Playoffs were in a single-Elimination bracket format and all matches excluding the grand finale were Bo3. The Grand Final was a Bo5 match.

FaZe Clan took first place in the 15th season, ENCE took the 2nd, and Ninjas in Pyjamas took the 3rd position.

$823,000 USD prize money was spread among the 24 teams, FaZe Clan received $190,000 for their win. The ESL Pro League 15th season had 30,409,971 Watched hours, peak viewers of the event were 413,642, and the total airtime of the vent was 228h 55m.


CSGO ESL Pro-League Tournament History

The ESL Pro League has many changed throughout the years, in the 1st season they featured twelve teams from each continent, by the 4th season ESL expanded the Pro League to 28 teams, In the 7th Season, ESL expanded geographically by introducing Asia-Pacific and LA LEAGUE (South America) divisions, bumping the team number to 40. North America and South America are unified into one region in Season 9. In the 13th season, the final was turned into a 12-team event.

The prize money for the 1st season was only US$1,000,000 but over a period of time the prize pool has constantly increased and in the recent 15th season a whopping $823,000 USD was distributed among the teams participating in the ESL Pro League and in the next season prize money is going to be $850,000.

The CS: GO ESL Pro League is a very popular tournament, in the last few years every ESL Pro League season has over 30,000,000 watched hours and the event is viewed by more than 400,000 people. The peak viewers of the 14th season were 758,567.

The current champion is FAZE CLAN but Fnatic and Astralis have won the most ESL Pro League titles both have won the league 3 times.

CSGO ESL Pro League Previous Results


End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money
October 2, 2022 Team Vitality Team Liquid 24 $175,000 $835,000
April 10, 2022 FaZe Clan ENCE 24 $190,000 $823,000
September 12, 2021 Natus Vincere Team Vitality 24 $195,000 $750.000
April 11, 2021 Heroic Gambit Esports 24 $200,000 $750,000
October 4, 2020 Astralis Natus Vincere 16 $99,000 $450,000
September 27, 2020 FURIA Esports 100 Thieves 8 $77,500 $225,000
April 12, 2020 Fnatic MOUZ 18 $110,000 $531,000
April 12, 2020 Team Liquid Evil Geniuses 6 $90,000 $219,000
December 8, 2019 MOUZ Fnatic 16 $250,000 $600,000
June 23, 2019 Team Liquid G2 Esports 16 $250,000 $600,000
December 12, 2018 Astralis Team Liquid 16 $250,000 $750,000
May 20, 2018 Astralis Team Liquid 16 $250,000 $750,000
December 10, 2017 SK Gaming FaZe Clan 12 $225,000 $750,000
June 4, 2017 G2 Esports North 12 $225,000 $750,000
October 30, 2016 Cloud9 SK Gaming 12 $200,000 $600,000
May 15, 2016 Luminosity Gaming G2 Esports 8 $200,000 $512,000
December 13, 2015 Fnatic Natus Vincere 8 $100,000 $250,000
July 7, 2015 Fnatic Cloud9 8 $100,000 $250,000