LOUD take first prize in 2022 Valorant Champions Tournament

Valorant Champions is a grand tournament for the eSports Valorant, which takes place annually. The Valorant Champions is hosted by Riot Games, and a total of 16 professional teams come together to make this tournament unforgettable. Valorant Champions 2022 is being held in Istanbul, a complete LAN tournament. The tournament started on August 31, 2022, and will end on September 18, 2022. If you are interested in learning more about the Valorant Champions 2022 betting predictions, odds, and tips, then keep reading below. 

Valorant Champions Format 2022

Group Stage – All 16 teams are grouped in four teams where they play against each other in a double-elimination format, and all the matches are played using the BO3 (Best of three) method. Only the top two teams from each group can advance to the playoffs, which is the main event for the Valorant Champions.

Playoffs – A total of eight teams are chosen from the group format to play in the playoffs, which is also a series of double-elimination matches. All the matches except the lower bracket final and the grand final are played using the BO3 (Best of three) format, but the excluded ones are played in the BO5(best of five) format. 

Valorant Champions 2022 Teams Participating

The Valorant Champions is the ultimate competition between professional teams around the world. Therefore a total of 16 teams gather around to make this event grand every year. Below we have provided the list of all the qualified teams that are participating in this year’s Valorant Champions.