Valorant Superdome Betting Odds
Valorant Superdome Betting

The Superdome is a massive Valorant betting tournament. The Valorant Superdome 2022 is being organized by BME eSports and Riot Games. This year’s Superdome will be hosted in Cairo and the venu will be: Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex (Hall 1). With a massive prize pool of $30,000 the Valorant Superdome 2022 is sure to be very fierce. A total of eight teams will participate in the Valorant Superdome 2022.

The tournament will start from October 16, 2022 and will end on October 22, 2022. The sponsors for the Valorant Superdome 2022 are WE and ECHO MENA. The tournament will be played on the Valorant 5.07 patch and will be an offline event. The tournament will be broadcasted live white the game will be played on a LAN connection. Bind, The Valorant betting Superdome 2022 will be played on the following maps: Haven, Ascent, Icebox, Breeze, Fracture, and Pearl.

Valorant Superdome 2022 Format

The Superdome 2022 is joined by a total of eight professional Valorant players. They play against each other in two stages, the first is group stage and the second is the playoffs. Below we have explained about these two stages in great detail.

Superdome Group Stage

  • All the teams are divided into teams which are a round robin group.
  • All the matches in the group stage are super competitive and are very short. The matches are played using the BO1 (best of one) format. 
  • Four teams in the group stage are eliminated and the top four teams advance to the Playoffs.

Superdome Playoffs

  • The Valorant Superdome playoffs round has a ladder system.
  • Four teams play against each other and all the matches in the playoffs are BO3 (best of three).

Valorant Superdome 2022 Participating Teams

  • NASR Esports
  • Piercer Esports
  • Team RA’AD
  • Team Falcons
  • YaLLa Esports
  • Geekay Esports
  • Fnatic
  • Acend

Valorant Superdome 2022 Prize Pool

  • The 1st rank will win $12,000.
  • The 2nd rank will win $8,000.
  • The 3rd rank will win $6,000.
  • The 4th was won by Team RA’ADand they won a prize of $4,000.
  • The 5th was won by Piercer Esports.
  • The 6th was won by Team Falcons.
  • The 7th was won by YaLLa Esports.
  • The 8th was won by NASR Esports.

Valorant Superdome 2022 Betting Prediction & Tips

Valorant Superdome Odds

Valorant Superdome 2022 has started and the matches up till now has been moving forward as predicted by our esteemed team of experts. At the time of writing the updated Valorant Superdome 2022 betting predictions and tips the Valorant Superdome 2022 is in its playoffs round.

The first match is between Geekay Esports and Team RA’AD. According to our prediction, Team RA’AD is going to show great spirit but will not be able to break through the teamwork of Geekay Esports. With their win at the Valorant Superdome 2022 quarterfinals the Geekay Esports is going to face against the mighty Fnatic in the semifinals. 

Our experts believe that Fnatic is going to win the upcoming match with one sided battle. The unwavering force of the team Fnatic is something everyone can count on. So it is imperative that Team Fnatic will be one of the finalists for the Valorant Superdome 2022. 

Furthermore, Team Fnatic will face off with Acend in the finals and our experts believe that Team Fnatic will also win the final match, making them the winner of Valorant Superdome 2022.

Valorant Superdome 2022 Betting Odds

Valorant Superdome is a very popular tournament which naturally means that bookmakers will jump to the occasion of providing betting odds for Valorant Superdome 2022. If you would like to bet on your favorite team that you believe to win then you can find the best and fresh Valorant Superdome 2022 betting odds on our website. We are waiting on the sportsbooks to release the fresh odds. Once we get the odds, it will be posted here, so bookmaker our website for speedy updates.

Valorant Superdome 2022 Upcoming Matches

  • Geekay Esports vs Team RA’AD (October 20,2022)
  • Fnatic vs Geekay Esports (October 22, 2022)
  • Acend vs TBA (October 22, 2022)

Valorant Superdome Online Betting

With a prize pool of $30,000, the Valorant Superdome 2022 is a grand tournament loved by all esports betting fans especially those who love Valorant, it is a tournament they can’t afford to miss. This tournament also offers us a great eSports betting opportunity. We hope the betting prediction for the Valorant Superdome 2022 provided by our team of experts will help you with that.

Valorant Superdome FAQ’s

Q1. Who will win Valorant Superdome 2022?

Answer: According to our team of experts, team Fnatic has the highest chances of winning the Valorant Odds 2022.

Q2. Where to find the best Valorant Superdome 2022 betting odds?

Answer: Our website has a list of best bookmakers for Valorant Superdome 2022 betting above. 

Q3. How to choose a bookmaker for Valorant Superdome 2022 betting?

Answer: The best Valorant Superdome 2022 bookmaker will offer great betting odds, prompt customer service, generous bonuses, and more. 

Q4. When is the final match of Valoran Superdome 2022?

Answer: The Valorant Superdome 2022 playoffs round final match is on October 22, 2022.

Valorant Superdome Previous Results


End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money
October 22, 2022 Fnatic Acend 8 $12,000 $30,000