Valorant LVP Crossfire Cup 2022 Betting Odds
Valorant Crossfire Cup Betting

The Valorant Crossfire Cup is an online/offline Spanish tournament organized by LVP. Even though the Crossfire Cup is one of the minor tournaments of Valorant betting, it still manages to attract major sponsors and a huge prize pool. The Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 prize pool is €10,000 ≃ $10,077. The sponsors for Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 are Intel España, MediaMarkt Games, OMENbyHP Spain, MEDAC, Alfa Romeo, and Domino’s Pizza. Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 Group Stage will be played in a GSL format, and all matches are best-of-one.

Playoffs will be played in a single-elimination, and all matches are best-of-five series. The Crossfire Cup 2022 season is ongoing now. It started on October 03, 2022, and will end on November 12, 2022. Crossfire Cup 2022 will be played on the Valorant patch 5.05 – 5.08, and the Location for the tournament will be Barcelona, and the venue will be Auditorio Mediapro. If you like to bet on eSports, then make sure to read the Valorant LVP Crossfire Cup 2022 betting predictions and esports tips by experts, which are mentioned below.

Valorant Crossfire Cup Format

Valorant Crossfire Cup is played in two stages, the first is the group stage, and the second is the playoffs. All 16 professional teams must duel it out to advance to the playoffs. Before betting on the Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022, look at the tournament’s format explained below. 

Valorant Crossfire Cup Group Stage

  • A total of 16 teams participated in the group stage, and they are grouped into four groups.
  • The four groups of four teams play in a GSL format where the winner is decided using the BO1 (best of one) matches. 
  • The top two teams from each of the four groups advance to Playoffs.

Valorant Crossfire Cup Playoffs Stage

  • The top two teams from four groups of the group stage play against each other in the playoffs round. 
  • A total of eight teams are seeded in the single-elimination bracket.
  • Unlike the group stage, the playoff stage matches are long, and all matches, including the grand final match, are BO5 (best of five).

Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 Teams

  • Rebels Gaming – jannyXD, GatsH, vo0kashu, Addicted, Fizzy, and coach Papasmurf  & TinderLvL12.
  • UCAM Esports Club – Phatt, Leare, kamyk, adm1k, Quick, and coach aer0z & Mudarra.
  • KPI Gaming – jonba, shhhack, kyrrz, B1SK, Insider, and coach slk.
  • Yutoru – LuKKe, looM, Lando, Limp, Byron, and coach Baracolo.
  • Case Esports – Yurii, Wolfen, MiniBoo, Filu, HearthBeat, and coach goked & McJuankar.
  • Giants – Fit1nho, russ, Jesse, Kiles, ShadoW, and coach LATEKS & Vlad. 
  • KOI – Sacake, PHYRN, Famsii, neptuNo, Magnum, and coach Aska & Sikak0.
  • Team Queso – UNFAKE, k1zpawn, xuss, Katu, dimaxx, and coach thinkii & Yaba.
  • FIVE Media Clan – meisoN, humanz, krysyS, VARES, Guardy, and coach xikii.
  • 4Real – Felox, Z3RO, Morphiw0w, pa1ka, Summonhalfa, and coach Istinto.
  • Movistar Riders – Morthe, Navarrete, DoubleD, Vinice, MikaEl, and coach Toruu.
  • Wygers – Gabr1, kewzy, lekyy, MENEZK, ItsRubii, and coach shark.
  • Arroz – Zino, tomaszy, Bati, DaviH, TugaTV, and coach Rockefeller & AndreSG.
  • Team Heretics – lowel, keloqz, GRUBINHO, snikk, pAura, and coach Noel & Linepro.
  • The Last Monarch – POWERANGER ROJO, Erizillo, Fel, Mark, EddeN, and coach Zhon1k.
  • GTZ Esports – silenttt, Fragger, k0mpa, nasK, rlz.

Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 Prize Pool

  • The 1st rank will win $4,030.96.
  • The 2nd rank will win $3,023.22.
  • The 3rd rank will win $1,511.61.
  • The 4th rank will win $1,511.61.
  • The 5th was achieved by KPI Gaming.
  • The 6th was achieved by Giants.
  • The 7th was achieved by Movistar Riders.
  • The 8th was achieved by 4Real.
  • The 9th was achieved by Team Queso.
  • The 10th was achieved by Yutoru.
  • The 11th was achieved by UCAM Esports Club.
  • The 12th was achieved by Case Esports.
  • The 13th was achieved by The Last Monarch.
  • The 14th was achieved by FIVE Media Clan.
  • The 15th was achieved by Wygers.
  • The 16th was achieved by GTZ Esports.

Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 Betting Predictions & Tips

Crossfire Cup Odds

Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 is underway and the group stage has been concluded. At the time of writing this updated betting prediction the Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 playoffs are underway. The next match is between Rebels Gaming vs. 4Real. Our team of experts predict that team Rebels Gaming will win the match.

The next match will be between Team Heretics vs. KOI and if Rebels Gaming win then the another match will be between Arroz vs. Rebels Gaming. After considering all the metrics, previous performance of individual players, teamwork and more, experts believe that the team Rebels Gaming and team KOI will face each other in the finals. Moreover, the winner of Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 will be Rebels Gaming.

Crossfire Cup 2022 Betting Odds

Crossfire Cup is a major Valorant esports tournament, and popular bookmakers are sure to offer great betting odds. The Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 started on October 03, 2022, and the playoffs round commenced a few days ago. We expect sportsbooks to release playoff betting odds very soon. So keep an eye out on our page for fresh eSports betting odds.

Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 Upcoming Matches

  • Rebels Gaming vs. 4Real – October 28, 2022. (Quarterfinal Match)
  • Team Heretics vs. KOI – November 02, 2022. (Semi-Final Match)
  • Arroz vs. Rebels Gaming – November 03, 2022. (Semi-Final Match)
  • TBA vs. TBA – November 12, 2022. (Grand Final Match)

Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 Betting

Valorant is one of the top 10 major eSports, and the tournament Crossfire Cup is also the cream of the crop. This naturally means the betting market will be overcrowded with eSports bets and live esports odds when the tournament starts. We suggest that you read our Valorant Crossfire Cup 2022 betting tips & predictions before placing your bets.

Valorant Crossfire Cup Previous Results


End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money