Overwatch League Summer Showdown Betting

The OWL Summer Showdown is a regional Overwatch tournament that is played using the bracket format. The championship winner will not be a world champion; they will be the regional champion. Therefore, there is more than one champion of OWL – Summer Showdown.

The Summer Showdown 2022 was a great success. Below we have provided all the information you need to start betting on Summer Showdown matches. In addition, you can find information on popular Summer Showdown teams, betting tips, odds, and more. So stick till the end to gain the upper hand while betting on your next Summer Showdown match.


Overwatch League Summer Showdown Betting Odds 2023

The Overwatch League Summer Showdown is a yearly event that is one of the most anticipated eSports events in the world. With a successful Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022 tournament, the upcoming 2023 tournament will surely have an even greater impact.

The Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2023 tournament’s tentative date is September 2023. We will update the Overwatch League Summer Showdown betting prediction once the final list of teams is released. As for Summer Showdown betting odds, they will be updated once the tournament is near.


Overwatch League Summer Showdown Betting Guide


Summer Showdown Odds

Match Winner Betting Odds – The match-winner betting odds are easily found on bookmakers as it is the most basic form of betting in an Overwatch match. For example, you can bet on an OWL Summer Showdown match for a team to win the game. This type of betting is prevalent among new bettors and requires much less expertise on the subject. The match-winner betting is available on both pre and live betting options.

Outright Winner Betting Odds – The outright winner odds help you bet on a team most likely to win the tournament. In this case, the OWL Summer Showdown. This type of bet is closed once the tournament is underway, thus making it a pre-match bet.

Map Winner Betting Odds – Like any other multiplayer FPS games, Overwatch matches are played on many system-generated maps. Therefore, you can bet on the team which is most likely to win on a particular type of map with a specific objective. This type of esports betting is recommended for professional punters who have profound knowledge of the game and teams.

Team Total Map Winner Betting Odds – The OWL Summer Showdown tournament matches are based on first to three map wins or first to four map wins (in the finals). Therefore, sportsbooks offer the team total map winner betting odds, where you can bet on a team to win a certain number of maps throughout the tournament.


Overwatch League Summer Showdown Tournament Format

The Overwatch League Summer Showdown tournament is divided into two brackets, East and West. The players for both brackets are chosen according to the league points earned in the six qualifier matches.

The west bracket has a total of eight teams, while the east bracket has a total of four teams. The matches between these teams in each bracket play out using the regional double-elimination bracket play. All the teams in both brackets are players to capture the crown in their respective brackets.

Except for the respective tournament finals, which will be first to four, all matches in both brackets will be first to three map wins. Thanks to this fantastic matchmaking format, the Summer Showdown Tournament is very popular among the fans of Overwatch betting.


Summer Showdown Tournament Point Distribution System

The league points are very crucial for any professional team in the Overwatch League as it is the ticket to the higher league tournaments. That is why those who get selected for the Overwatch League Summer Showdown through the league points accumulated in the six qualifier matches will all receive one league point regardless of their performance.

Moreover, when a team earns the second spot in the Summer Showdown tournament, they are awarded two league points. In addition, the winner of the Summer Showdown tournament is awarded three additional league points!


Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022

The Overwatch League- Summer Showdown 2022 event lasted from September 08, 2022, to September 11, 2022. The tournament’s east bracket matches were held online from September 9 to 11, while the west bracket matches were a LAN event taking place in Toronto from September 8 to 11.


Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022 Teams

The Summer Showdown 2022 was divided into two regions. The first is West and the second is East. Both these brackets had their very best teams participating, who were chosen according to their league points. Below we have provided detailed information on participating teams in the OWL Summer Showdown 2022.

West Region Teams


  • Dallas Fuel
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Toronto Defiant
  • Florida Mayhem
  • London Spitfire
  • Houston Outlaws
  • Washington Justice
  • Vancouver Titans

East Region Teams


  • Shanghai Dragons
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Philadelphia Fusion
  • Guangzhou Charge


OWL Summer Showdown 2022 Winner


Overwatch Summer Showdown

The Summer Showdown 2022 was an intense tournament where till the end, it was very hard to predict which team would win in the finals of both the brackets. However, beating all the odds, Shanghai Dragons claimed the Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022 crown for the east bracket.

On the other hand, the team Dallas Fuel won the west bracket. Both Dallas Fuel and Shanghai Dragons were awarded three league points each. The Shanghai Dragons won a total of $50,000 USD, and the Dallas Fuel won $75,000 USD.

The Seoul Dynasty claimed the second rank in the east bracket, and the west bracket’s second rank was awarded to San Francisco Shock. Below are complete details of the participating teams and how much they won from the Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022.


Final Say

To conclude, the Overwatch League Summer Showdown tournament is a significant event in the Overwatch League. The OWL Summer Showdown tournament helps determine the regional champions and helps them gain league points and massive cash prizes. The OWL Summer Showdown tournament also is a great way for punters to win numerous prizes by betting on the matches in the Summer Showdown tournament. If you are a punter, we recommend reading our betting guide for the Summer Showdown tournament and reading our betting prediction.


Q1. What type of betting is bet for beginners in Overwatch League Summer Showdown tournament?

Answer: The best bet type for Overwatch League Summer Showdown would be the match-winner betting odds for new punters. This is because predicting a match winner is relatively more straightforward as information is readily available on the internet.

Q2. What are the Overwatch maps used in the Summer Showdown tournament 2022?

Answer: The maps used in the Summer Showdown 2022 were Busan, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, New Queen Street, Colosseo, Hollywood, Midtown, and more.

Q3. How many teams participated in the Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022?

Answer: Teams were divided into two brackets, East and West. The total number of teams by combining these brackets would be 12.

Q4. Who organizes the Overwatch League Summer Showdown Tournament?

Answer: The Overwatch League Blizzard Entertainment organizes the Summer Showdown tournament. The sponsor for the 2022 Summer Showdown tournament is Bell Mobile Canada.

Previous Overwatch League Summer Showdown Results


End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money
September 11, 2022 Dallas Empire Shanghai Dragons 12 TBC $225,000
July 18, 2021 Shanghai Dragons Chengdu Hunters 10 $100,000 $225,000
July 5, 2020 Guangzhou Charge Shanghai Dragons 20 $65,000 $110,000
July 5, 2020 Paris Eternal Philadelphia Fusion 10 $70,000 $160,000