Overwatch League Countdown Cup Betting Odds 2022
Overwatch Countdown Cup Odds

Overwatch League: Countdown Cup 2022 is the ticket for many teams to join the OWL Playoffs 2022. Therefore, the Countdown Cup is one of the major OWL tournaments where professional Overwatch teams around the world get together to claim the title of the ultimate winner and get a ticket to the Overwatch League Playoffs 2022. The OWL Countdown Cup 2022 is played in two brackets, East and West. The top two teams from the West bracket and the top team from the East bracket get to participate in the upcoming OWL Playoffs Tournament. 

A total of seven teams will participate in the Countdown Cup 2022, and they will be divided into East and West brackets in a 4:3 ratio. The OWL Countdown Cup 2022 is organized by Blizzard Entertainment and will be an online tournament. The format for the matches in the OWL Countdown Cup is “Single & Double Elimination.”The Countdown Cup 2022 will commence on October 15, 2022, and will conclude on October 22, 2022.

Since the OWL Countdown Cup is such a massive tournament that serves as the qualifier for the 2022 OWL Playoffs round, the tournament has its very own betting market offered by prominent bookmakers. Thanks to that, fans can also enjoy betting on their favorite teams and players during the tournament. 

If you also like to bet on eSports like Overwatch League or perhaps looking for information on the tournament to place your first sports bet, then you have come to the right place. Below we have provided the insight shared by our team of experts. You can find the OWL Countdown Cup 2022 betting predictions and tips, and fresh odds below. 

Overwatch League: Countdown Cup 2022 Participating Teams

West Bracket

Washington Justice   

  • Decay   
  • Assassin   
  • Kalios   
  • Krillin   

Boston Uprising   

  • Valentine   ‘
  • Victoria   
  • Seeker   
  • ITSAL   
  • Punk   
  • Mag   
  • Faith   
  • Crimzo   
  • MCD 

East Bracket

Hangzhou Spark   

  • Shy   
  • Architect   
  • Pineapple   
  • AlphaYi   
  • guxue   
  • BERNAR   
  • Superich   
  • irony   
  • Neko   
  • Teru 

Guangzhou Charge   

  • ChoiSehwan   
  • Apr1ta   
  • Jimmy   
  • Cr0ng   
  • PIGGY   
  • Xerneas   
  • Farway1987 

Chengdu Hunters   

  • JinMu   
  • Leave   
  • GA9A   
  • DAI   
  • Nisha   
  • Mmonk 

OWL Countdown Cup 2022 Bracket Wise Upcoming Matches


  • Upper bracket 1st match: Boston Uprising vs. TBA
  • Upper bracket 2nd match: Washington Justice vs. TBA
  • Lower bracket 1st match: TBA vs. TBA


  • The 1st match was Guangzhou Charge vs. Chengdu Hunters. The winner was Chengdu Hunters, with a 3-2 score. 
  • The 2nd match was Chengdu Hunters vs. Hangzhou Spark. The winner was Hangzhou Spark, with a 3-0 score. 
  • Hangzhou Spark is the winner of the OWL Countdown Cup 2022 East Bracket. They have also qualified for the OWL 2022 Playoffs Round. 

Overwatch League: Countdown Cup 2022 Betting Prediction & Tips

Overwatch Bets

The OWL Countdown Cup is one of the major tournaments. The teams playing have committed all their resources and skills. As predicted for the East bracket of the Countdown Cup 2022, the first match was very hard fought, and with a 3-2 score, Chengdu Hunters won. However, in front of Hangzhou Spark, they proved to be nothing but child’s play as they were defeated as expected with a score of 3-0.

As for the West Bracket, the teams are yet to be announced. The two teams announced are Washington Justice and Boston Uprising. Both teams have revealed their players, coaches, and manager. After considering and analyzing both teams, our group of experts believes that both of the teams have the potential to reach the finals. This means these teams can get selected for the 2022 OWL Playoffs. 

However, we are yet to get acquainted with two more teams that will be participating in the West bracket of the Countdown Cup 2022. Therefore, making a solid prediction is very difficult. Once the teams are decided, and they reveal their lineup for the OWL Countdown Cup 2022, we will update our esports betting predictions. Therefore, it is advised to keep an eye out and bookmark our page for future reference.

Overwatch League: Countdown Cup 2022 Betting Odds

One of the events on the calendar with the most buzz is the Overwatch League Countdown Cup. Betting on the OWL Countdown Cup is possible as many bookmakers jump on this opportunity to offer some of the best eSports betting odds. However, choosing the best one out of them will be the hardest task you will have to face. Your location and sports betting laws will largely determine the best Countdown Cup betting sites. Here on Betting.gg, we provide location-specific esports odds, which means everyone can choose from some of the best sportsbooks from their region. The 2022 OWL Countdown Cup started on September 15, 2022, and we are waiting on bookmakers to release their odds. Once released officially, we will update the same on our website. 

Bet on Overwatch Online

The Overwatch League Countdown Cup 2022 has started, and bookmakers will soon provide betting odds for the tournament. Therefore, we recommend bettors choose bookmakers and their bets carefully. We have provided Overwatch betting tips and predictions for your reference. Make sure you practice safe and responsible betting. 


Q1. Why is the OWL Countdown Cup important?

Answer: The Countdown Cup in Overwatch League serves as the play-in for the OWL Playoffs round. 

Q2. What is the prize for winning the Overwatch League Countdown Cup 2022?

Answer: There is no monetary prize for winning the East or West bracket of the OWL Countdown Cup 2022. The ultimate prize in this tournament is that the winner of the East and the winner & runner-up of the West bracket get to qualify for the 2022 OWL Playoffs round. 

Q3. How many teams play the Countdown Cup?

Answer: A total of seven teams participated in the Countdown Cup. The participating teams are not country or continent-specific, but they are from all around the world. 

Q4. How many matches are in the Countdown Cup 2022 that I can bet on?

Answer: The bookmakers offer betting odds on all the matches in the Countdown Cup. Therefore, you can bet on all the matches, which is seven. 

Previous Countdown Cup Results

End Date Winner Runner Up Number of teams Winners Prize Money Total Prize Money
October 22, 2022 Florida Mayhem Toronto Defiant 4 Qualify to Playoffs N/A
October 22, 2022 Hangzhou Spark Chengdu Hunters 3 Qualify to playoffs N/A
August 22, 2021 Los Angeles Gladiators Chengdu Hunters 10 $100,000 $225,000
August 9, 2020 Shanghai Dragons Hangzhou Spark 20 $60,000 $125,000
August 9, 2020 San Francisco Shock Philadelphia Fusion 20 $65,000 $150,000